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What are the top 10 healthy foods cats for domestic cats

What are the top 10 healthy foods for domestic cats?

The issue of feeding domestic Cats occupies the minds of most cat breeders. Whether the Foods provided to Cats is home-prepared Foods, or dry Foods Cats, it must be beneficial to the cats’ bodies and work on their proper growth; In order to maintain their health in the best condition, and during this article Cats Aesthetic will answer all questions related to the proper nutrition of Cats by clarifying what are the top 10 healthy Foods Cats for domestic cats.

Foods Cats

1- Boiled eggs

Cooked eggs are characterized by containing a high percentage of protein, which plays a major role in maintaining the ideal rate of weight for Cats, as it works to strengthen their immunity, in addition to containing vitamin B; Which is classified as one of the important vitamins that domestic cats need.

2- Royal Canine Dry Food cats

Domestic cats are accepted to eat this type of dry Foods Cats ; Because it has many advantages, including: Helps cats control calories; This makes cats maintain an appropriate weight.It contains a protein component; It has great effectiveness in increasingthe digestion of nutrients, as well as decreasing the amount of stool. Stimulating the digestive system because it contains fiber.

It contains vitamins and minerals; This reduces the process of tartar formation on the cat's teeth. The crunchy texture of Royal Canin Dry Foods Cats; Promotes oral health in cats.

3- Meat

Meat is the ideal meal for cats, and meat is the primary source for cats to obtain Foods Cats, and meat also contains protein that maintains the health of the heart of cats, as well as the eyes, and reproductive system, and there are a number of controls that should be
taken into account when providing meat to cats from between them. 

Cook the meat well.

Get rid of any bones in the meat before serving it to foods cats; To avoid suffocation.Do not add salt or any kind of seasoning.

4- Purina Beyond Grain Free Dry Foods cats

Cats prefer this type of dry Foods Cats in particular; Because it contains a variety of fish;
Most notably salmon; Which causes cats to feel satisfied and happy, and this type includes
a high percentage of the protein component; Thus, it helps cats maintain a normal range of weight.


One of the most beneficial Foods Cats from the health side; Oats, although cats do not like
to eat it most of the time, there are some tricks that cat breeders can do; Include oats in cats' meals as a safe supplement.

6- Blue Buffalo Indoor Hairball Dry Food

This type of dry Foods Cats is considered; more than ideal; In the event that your cat is overweight,you need to reduce it, or she suffers from hair problems; It contains a large proportion of fiber;Thus, it stimulates the cat's digestive system to get rid of the accumulated hairballs, and it alsocontains a protein component; Which helps to reduce the weight of cats, as well as strengthen immunity, and stimulate the growth of muscles that they own.

7- Fresh vegetables

Vegetables are among the most nutrients that are of great benefit to Food Cats' health.
Because it contains fiber and vitamins, it also stimulates the digestion process,
but it must be taken into account that it is cooked well with steam, and
there are many types of vegetables that can be served to cats from them.

  1. broccoli
  2. Green Beans.
  3. Courgettes.
  4. Winter squash.
  5. carrots.
  6. Chopped vegetables.

8- Nutro Max Indoor Adult Dry Cats Food

This type of dry food contains high quality antioxidants; Which provides cats with all the
nutritional benefits their bodies need, which improves heart functions in Foods Cats, as well as strengthens immunity, and the fiber component included in this product; Stimulates
the work of the digestive system, thus helping cats to get rid of hairballs.

9-the fish

Although it is never recommended to serve raw fish to cats; Because it causes her disease,
but all types of dry foods cats ; It includes the fish of the ocean, or the sea;
Because these fish contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are very beneficial for cats' eyes.

10- 9Lives Dry Foods Cats

Cats need a large amount of vitamins to ensure that they enjoy sound health, as well as to
maintain their weight; This is what is available in this type of dry Foods Cats; As it supplies
cats with the vitamins they need for growth, it also gives them complete nutrition, and it is affordable.


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