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7 - of the best dry foods for pet cats

 7 - of the best dry foods for pet cats 

There are many types of dry food for cats in Egypt, as they differ among themselves in terms of ingredients, there are some types intended for small cats that are provided in cat food, and others are manufactured to meet the needs of adult or elderly cats, so the breeder must choose the type of dry food according to the age stage that Cats go through it, to ensure that they are healthy and grow properly, and during this article we will present 7 of the best types of dry food for cats

7 - of the best dry foods for pet cats

7 of the best dry food for cats

  1. Royal Canin
  2. Friskies
  3. Wellness Complete Health
  4. Leonardo dry food for cats
  5. Mera dry food for cats
  6. Happy Cat Dry Food
  7. Vita day for cats

1- Royal Canin

This type of dry food for cats is characterized by its high content of protein, fiber and other essential nutrients that maintain the health of adult and large cats, as it distributes minerals in their body, and regulates the functions of the urinary tract, reducing the possibility of blockage.

This product has a very attractive taste, which tempts cats to eat it, but care must be taken not to overdo it in order to avoid any health problems that may negatively affect their health. It is also easy to digest and is rich in many types of vitamins that cats need during growth.

Royal Canin

2- Friskies

Friskies Dry Food is characterized by its availability in multiple flavors such as seafood, poultry and beef flavor, which attracts cats to eat it. It also contains high-quality protein, stimulates the growth of cat muscles, and also includes all the nutrients that you may need such as minerals and vitamins.

3-Wellness Complete Health

This product was built on the nutritional philosophy that cats, like their ancestors, are carnivores, and their health thrives on a natural diet consisting primarily of meat, as each piece is filled with a high concentration of high quality animal protein with nutritional supplements. Additive and nutrient-rich foods.

The main benefit of this product is that it is a delicious grain-free meal that provides complete and balanced nutrition for your cat, and it contains only all-natural, premium ingredients without any meat by-products, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

4-Leonardo dry food for cats

This type of dry food for cats is considered one of the best types of dry food for cats because it contains a high percentage of protein and vitamins necessary for the growth and development of cats. It is also made of high-quality materials, as it includes real meat, such as the rest of the meat designated for dry food, which tempts cats to eat it.

This product has a great taste and is easily digestible. It improves blood circulation and heart health in cats, and improves vision.

Dry food meets the nutritional needs of young and adult cats, making it an ideal choice for them.

Leonardo dry food for cats

5- Mera dry food for cats

Mira Dry Food contains nutritional components beneficial to the health of cats and has a distinctive taste that encourages cats to eat, and it is rich in Omega 3, Omega 6, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin D.

This product is characterized by containing an appropriate proportion of protein, which helps in treating the sensitive stomach of cats, and is also suitable for cats with thick fur, such as Himalayan and Shirazi cats.

It is recommended to introduce Mira dry food to adult and elderly cats, as it suits their nutritional needs more than younger cats.

Mera dry food for cats

6- Happy Cat Dry Food

Especially suitable for adult cats, this product is well-balanced and complete, with a high content of 100% natural valuable animal proteins, plenty of vitamins and minerals to support a healthy immune system, and no artificial flavors or preservatives.

Dry Food Happy Cat contains salmon along with original flaxseed and mussels, which strengthens the joints of cats and controls the pH for the health of the urinary tract of cats as well as reducing the problem of their hair balls.

Happy Cat Dry Food

7- Vita day for cats

Continuous use of Vita Day ensures that your cat will enjoy a beautiful shiny coat and good health even in old age, as it provides it with all the nutritional factors necessary for its harmonious and healthy growth.

This product is made of high quality raw materials and contains special salts, vitamins and minerals that activate and strengthen the health of the immune system, which is reflected in the health and growth of cats in a positive way.

Vita day for cats

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