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During the adoption of a kitty or a grown-up cat, notably in a shelter, some key points are to prove to make sure of his good health and its behaviour.


To make the decision to adopt a kitty (or a grown-up cat) must be made with regard to some elements, notably over his past and over its health. Is it weaned? What is its behaviour in the contact of other animals? Such are the questions which it is necessary to settle. Here are the 11 points to be looked.

1-The age of the cat

To adopt a kitty, it is better to wait for the end of the period of weaning, period of study to his mother, at the age of eight weeks minimum. You will have so the guarantee of a cat who will have acquired the foundations of education, if his mother played his role correctly. (In knowledge more on the age of adoption of a kitty)

2-The state of health of the cat

If you adopt a cat in a shelter, make sure of his state of health and notably its energy.
If the kitty moves not much, it could translate a problem of health.


Also make sure of the updating of vaccinations. In case of found cat, date at your veterinary surgeon so that it examines it and undertakes vaccines and identification if necessary.

4-The place of acquisition

The sale of animals being strictly regulated, if you adopt a cat from at an individual
or even of a shelter, the place of acquisition must be declared. You will have so the possibility of having an appeal if your cat came to develop an illness in next days.

5-Contact with the children

If you have children, it is better to establish a first contact between them and the cat whom you like to adopt, to watch evolving the children with the animal and to avoid any poor surprise in case of aggressive cat.

6-Contact with your other animals

If you already have other animals, try to put in touch them with the cat before deciding to adopt it.You will have an opinion on their understanding and avoid having to manage daily conflicts. Having said that, it should not be a motive not to adopt the kitty, because it takes place seldom well at the beginning! It will allow you especially it will fit and to will your environment.

7-The behaviour of the cat

Before any decision, it is better to notice the cat to evolve. Is he player? Does it degrade objects? Is it clean? So much questions on his behaviour which could make you change the mind and that are not to take in the light.

8-The expense of care

A found cat requires the annual same care as a cat of animal husbandry. You ask question therefore to know if you can take this expenditure, sometimes unpredictable.

9-Your environment

If you live in restrained environment, for instance in flat, to gather a cat of outside is not perhaps judicious, all the more if he does not have possibility of going out and of coming back as he wishes it.

10-The mode of nurse

A cat, as a child, must be able to be kept in case of absence. Before adopting, question your circle on its will to assure this nurse during your absences.

11-Questions to be put down in a shelter

If you adopt your cat in a shelter, do not hesitate to enquire about its past and notably about conditions in which he was gathered. If it was gathered in a context of maltraitance, he could prove to be afraid or contrariwise aggressive in the contact of the human beings. 
Enquire about his behaviour in the daily before any decision.

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