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Kashmir Cat

In spite of its name, this variety of feline has no connection toward the northwestern district of the Indian subcontinent. Truth be told, this accommodating feline was created in North America. Maybe the Kashmir feline got its name from the Himalayan feline variety - which it takes after - as Kashmir lies near the lofty Himalayas. 

Actual Characteristics 

This is an enormous feline with a short, full body, short legs, and a round face. Its gag is likewise short, however its eyes are huge with a sweet articulation. The feline's tail, then, is medium in size. 

The feature of the Kashmir is its long, thick, and glossy coat. The hair, which for the most part is found in lilac or chocolate, is plush, fine, and delicate to the touch. 

Character and Temperament 

The Kashmir has a laid-back mentality to life. Quiet and tranquil, it lives well in many conditions, including a condo. It is likewise keen and fearless. Nonetheless, as the variety hates commotion, it may not coexist well with tempestuous kids and different pets. 

Or maybe slothful by attitude, the Kashmir may go through hours nestled into a rocker holding back to be touched. What's more, however less dynamic than different varieties, the Kashmir requests a lot of consideration and likes to play now and again. 


Favored with long, sleek hair, this feline requirements standard preparing. It is ideal to start the feline into a prepping routine early, including standard eye cleanings. Brush completely with a wide-toothed brush day by day, giving unique consideration to its legs or tail. 

As these felines have long hair, unfamiliar items like thorns and grass may get gone head to head with its jacket. Haul them out cautiously. The long hair additionally tangles effectively, and ought to be unwound cautiously with fingers. 

It is likewise significant that all knot have been taken out prior to washing the feline. Flush completely with water and cleanser and blow-dry its hide when done. 


In spite of the fact that the Kashmir is by and large a sound feline and may live for up to 20 years, it is inclined to eye diseases and disturbance. Furthermore, because of its short nose, the Kashmir may surrender to visit respiratory issues, which can be treated with medicine. Polycystic kidney infection is another issue regularly seen among Kashmirs. On the off chance that you should associate any with these conditions, if it's not too much trouble, counsel a veterinarian. 

History and Background 

The historical backdrop of this variety started during the 1930s, when raisers put forth exceptional attempts in North America to build up a Persian feline with Siamese markings. Because of these endeavors, the Himalayan, which basically is a shading pointed Persian, appeared. At that point, while testing to make chocolate and lilac focuses in their variety, a frightening disclosure was made: a couple of the felines delivered had strong chocolate and lilac tones. The reproducers looked at this as another variety and named it Kashmir. 

Their endeavors, notwithstanding, were met with solid resistance. One creator portrayed the Kashmir as "a taxonomist's fantasy and a pointless variety division"; another expressing it was "superfluous parting … just to make another variety." 

Because of the discussion, however adored by most, the Kashmir is neglected by many feline fanciers. Indeed, the Canadian Cat Association is one of only a handful few significant associations to some time ago remember it. The Kashmir actually anticipates acknowledgment from other significant affiliations.

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