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Introducing a New Cat to Another Cat


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If you have a feline, you may have considered finding another to complete the family. Before deciding on this choice, you need to make sure that it is the right choice to make and that you are ready for a period of interest in the new feline.

One of the most well-known reasons that individuals get a subsequent feline is to stay with their first feline. This is a very valid rationale, especially in the event that you are away from home for quite a long time at a time. While felines for the most part seem to need consideration when they need it, they actually need consideration and friendship, and in case you're constantly going away, you're not helping.

Another explanation that many people choose for getting a subsequent feline is that their first feline is getting old. Another cat frequently restores the life of a more established feline and gives it a little more energy, trying to train the new feline that is the leader. Before deciding on the choice of getting an additional feline, focus on your feline's character as it relates to increasing family.

Is your feline a more special creature that prefers its space? Provided that is true, he cannot warmly hug another feline in the house. Taking everything into account, let's say you chose to get that next feline. There are a few things you need to do to make this progression a little more enjoyable. For starters, all felines need their own space. You may need to purchase a few feline houses to make sure each feline has their room. Notwithstanding the addition of scratching points and perch, feline houses often also have a place for felines to cover themselves, in case they are scared.

New environmental factors or new creatures in the house will usually send felines to feline homes, believing their feline homes to be a safe place to take in all new things. Notwithstanding having their own unique feline homes, in case you don't need old felines and new felines, you need to make sure they have a total arrangement of things on their own. This will incorporate food and water bowls like toys. Ultimately, you might be lucky enough to share these things with them, but when you first acquire another feline, they should all understand that they have their own businesses.

The moment you initially introduce another feline into your home's new environmental factors, you need to behave well and not just let them go. If you have a huge container that the new feline will enjoy, you may need to leave it in that box for a few hours, or even longer, while it gets used to the new sounds and scents of this new home. . It will also give your old feline time to head to the newcomer and familiarize themselves with their scent. When you let the feline out of the box, make sure it knows where the litter, food, and water are, and watch out for the two felines to make sure they get along.

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